Hey, here’s a NEW blog.

Okay, so if you’re new to Krushervision (as I’m guessing a lot of WordPress users are), you stumbled across this new blog with like a dozen entries right away. I know what you’re thinkin: “What in tarnation is a-goin’ on here?” (Well, that’s what you’re thinking if you’re Yosemite Sam. I do kinda hope you’re Yosemite Sam, actually. That would be rad. But if you’re not Yosemite Sam, we’re still cool.)

I’m TJ Rappel, an artist/tattooist/illustrator/cartoonist in Wisconsin, and owner of Krushervision Art Industries, LLC. I’ve been tattooing for nearly 10 years, and I do a lot of artwork and cartoons for the pinup and burlesque scenes. This blog is really just an extension of my website at http://www.krushervision.com. You can see the rest of my attempts to validate my existence there.

My blog also exists, at least for the next week or so, at a blog site called Posterous. Problem is, Posterous is going tits-up after April 30, so I had to find a new home for my blog. I chose WordPress, so here I am. The first thing I wanted to do was to transfer my existing blog over, so that’s why there were a ton of posts last night. This layout here is not final; it’ll get changed when I have time to figure out how to customize it. Also, I think all my images actually still link back to the old blog. So there is some fixing to be done.

Thanks, though, for finding me. I already got a lot of feedback and followers just in the last 12 hours, which makes me think WordPress was a good idea and I probably should have gone with it in the first place two years ago. You can find Krushervision on facebook too, at http://www.facebook.com/krushervision, so go “like” that thing too if you wanna. Seeya around!